What is this?

WeAreNotSavingLives is composition of highly opinionated personal views on the future of the advertising industry, consumer technology and the start-up scene. It serves as a friendly reminder that marketing teams and start-ups get carried away with the latest incremental innovations brought by some emerging technology, a new process or a new perspective and all too often forget that businesses are built to solve actual human needs in a profitable way, nothing more or else.

I’m a marketing professional with 14 years of experience working with early stage start-ups, established brands and rather smart people in the advertising space and the writings here are my views on what is going horribly wrong or getting sidetracked. I write solely to re-arrange my thoughts, and publish in the hopes to inspire dialogue. English is one of the five languages I speak, but not my native one, so feel free to drop me an email really@wearenotsavinglives.com or submit a comment if you happen to come across horrible mistakes, discrepancies or just want to share your thoughts on all this.

Where technology and marketing meets useless